22B Battalion Training Schedule of the Pakistan Army


Pak Army Training Schedule


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Training Schedule of 22B-Batch Pak Army

October is Military Health and Fitness Training Month


September 2022 / October 2022


In September and October of 2022.

Ordinance Core

October/November 2022


October 2022 September 2022


October 2022, November 2022

Signal Core

September 2022 October 2022

Artillery Core

Towards the end of the year 2022

January 2023

Combat infantrymen

Training in March 2023 and ending in May 2022.


August 2023 September 2023

Engineering Corp

August/September of 2023,

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The militia of Pakistan Making Plans for the 22B-Schedule Bunch’s

1. AMC

The final clinical trial will be completed in September 2022.

Starting in October 2022, the preparations will begin.

2. EME

The final scheduled clinical will be in September 2022.

In the works: October of 2022

3. Ordinance

Exiting the clinic in October of 2022

Time to Get Ready: November 2022

4. ASC

The final scheduled clinical will be in September 2022.

In the works: October of 2022

5. CMP

In the most recent clinical trial, in the month of October 022

Beginning Preparations: November 2022

6. Signal

The final scheduled clinical will be in September of 2022.

In the works: October of 2022

7. Command post for heavy artillery

Date of final clinical testing: November 2022

Setting the Stage: January 2023

8. Infantry

Walk 2023 is the final clinical year.

Getting Ready: May of 2023

9. AC

The date of the last clinical trial is August 2023.

Time to Get Ready: September 2023

10. Eng Corporation

Date of final clinical: August 2023

Setup: September 2023

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