Top 7 Instagram Updates and Features for Marketers

Social media platforms like Instagram are becoming more popular because of new features and updates they are rolling out. Undoubtedly these platforms are used by several people and that is the reason event business and marketers have started using them. With increasing popularity among marketers and brands, Instagram has updated some features that can help businesses and brands market their products and services through Instagram so let’s dive into this article and see some of the top features and updates by Instagram that can help marketers ease their social media strategy. 

Top Instagram Updates And Features For The Marketers 

Here are some of the updates that can be beneficial for marketers: 

1. Instagram Live Streaming 

There are various live-streaming service providers in the industry still a lot of marketers and social media experts prefer Instagram. It is not just a live-streaming platform. It offers various other features like stories, IGTV, reels, and posts but still, its streaming services are loved by marketers.

From offering low-budget live streaming for events to offering brands an opportunity to directly connect with their audience Instagram can do it all for marketers. With Instagram’s live streaming service marketers can connect with their audience, they can launch brands online, and use them for live promotions, and live streaming can also be used as customer support.  Live streaming has huge scope and marketers can use them according to their preferences. 

2. Reels 

Audiences these days are preferring video content and that is the reason why social media platforms like Instagram are promoting videos and marketers are using them. It is easy to convey the message through video content. Creating good-quality visuals with high-quality content can help markets grab the attention of their audience. 

Reels are a short form of video content that is very popular on Instagram, most brands, influencers, and marketers are using them. Instagram is promoting reels and they have a wider reach. So if you are a marketer or a business thriving on Instagram you should consider using reels for your marketing strategies and brand promotions as they can bring you the required engagement from your audience. 

3. Instagram Shops 

Instagram today is promoting all kinds of businesses. Be it a small-scale or large-scale business. Instagram has rolled out these shop features that can help brands and businesses offer their products on the platform. Today Instagram users can shop from the platform. 

Marketers are loving these features as it is easy to use and their audience is already present on the platform. They can use Instagram for promoting and marketing the same products. Instagram shops are convenient to use and this feature is available for both Android and IOS users. You can also gain insights into these shops through Instagram analytics.

4. Story Link 

The next feature that is helping marketers is story links. Instagram stories are popular and most individuals interact with stories on a daily basis and that is the reason brands and marketers use Instagram stories. 

Now that Instagram allows story links from different applications and websites it becomes easier for marketers to share their links on the platform. For instance, if you are hosting an In-person event you can add a story link for event tickets and registrations. Or if you are promoting or selling any particular brand you can add a link to that product and brand. You can use story links to redirect your audience to your desired place. 

5. Collab Feature 

Brands and businesses want to collaborate with influencers and other famous personalities for the marketing of their products and they can do this through the collaboration feature that Instrgam offers. Collab is relatively a new feature that Instagram has rolled out but is quite beneficial for the marketers on Instagram. They can use this feature to collaborate through posts and collaboration with other influences and famous personalities are also possible during the live streaming. Instagram not only offers post and story collaboration it also offers collaboration during live streaming which makes live streaming and collaboration the most used feature on Instagram these days. 

6. Q &A And Stickers 

Instagram is probably the best option for marketers to engage with their audience. Instagram stories can be used in different ways and with Instagram stories there are various options available on the platform. To engage with followers and to connect with the audience marketers prefer the Q&A feature that is available on Instagram stories. This Question and answer feature can also be used for offering customer service and stickers are also on the Instagram stories it can be used for fun and engagement.  

Bottom Line 

Instagram keeps updating its features and algorithms. Today Instagram is the promotion of business and marketing on the platform and that is the reason today a lot of marketers are preferring Instagram. 

With all the above-mentioned features marketers can create and execute a successful marketing strategy for their brand. It can be useful not just for affordable live streaming for events but also for selling products and services. So if you also want to upgrade your marketing strategy you should consider using all the above-mentioned features of Instagram. 

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