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ISSB Static General Information Latest

  1. Hematology = the study of blood
  2. Liver research = #Hepatology
  3. Parasite study = #Mycology
  4. The studies of algae (#phycology)
  5. Virology* = the study of viruses.
  6. Nephrology is the study of kidneys.
  7. Cancer research is called *#Oncology*.
  8. The science that seeks to understand the cosmos is called *#Cosmology*.
  9. Pomology means “the study of fruit.”
  10. Ornithology (the study of birds)
  11. Osteology* means the study of bones.
  12. Egg= *#Oology* research
  13. Analysis of Dreams = *#Oneirology*
  14. Trichology= the study of hair.
  15. Ophthalmology #= the study of the eye.
  16. Pedology* – the study of soil.
  17. Philology* = the study of languages.
  18. Nephrology* — the study of the brain.
  19. Examining Nails => *#Cosmetology*
  20. Aerology* = the study of air.
  21. Geology = the study of Earth.
  22. A Fish Scientist Digs Into the Data = ichthyology*
  23. Entomology* — the study of insects.
  24. cardiac research=cardiology
  25. Dermatology is the study of the skin.

Latest General Knowledge

In which city in Pakistan Did the OIC Summit of 1997 take place?

(Islamabad✅ )

What year did OIC begin operations?

(1969 ✅)

How far apart is the border between Pakistan and Afghanistan?

(2252 Km ✅)

How far apart are India and Pakistan?

(1610 Km ✅)

Fifthly) How far apart is Iran from Pakistan?

(805 Km ✅)

How far apart is the border between Pakistan and China?

(595 Km ✅)

How far is the coastline of Pakistan?

(1046 Km ✅)

Inquiring minds want to know: 8) What does Pakistan and Afghanistan’s border region go by?

The (Durand) Line ✅

When the border between Pakistan and Afghanistan was established.

(1893 ✅)

What do you call the boundary between Pakistan and India?

If you’re on the (Radcliffe Line ✅),.

When exactly did Pakistan and India establish their border?

(1947 ✅)

What do you call the line that separates Pakistan and Iran?

(Border Between Pakistan and Iran ✅)

When did Pakistan and Iran establish their border, question 13)?

(1957 ✅)

What do you call the border between China and Pakistan?

The (Sino Line ✅)

When did Pakistan and China establish their border?

(1963 ✅)

In what year did Pakistan and China begin their collaborative endeavor of developing the JF7 Thunder aircraft?

(2003 ✅)

It was in which year did the Kargil conflict take place?

(1999 ✅)

Which country did not aid Pakistan in creating Sandak Undertaking (18)?

(China ✅)

When did the Liaquat Nehru Settlement between India and Pakistan officially take effect?

(1950 –50 ✅)

The city of Mirpur is well-known for what?

Kashmir, Azad ✅

In total, what is the Balochistan Region’s area, question 21)?

(347,190 sq Km ✅)

What is Sindh Region’s total landmass?

(140,914 sq Km ✅)

When expanded, what is the total area of the KPK Region?

(74,521 sq Km ✅)

What is the total landmass of the Punjab Area?

(205,344 ✅)

What is the total land area of Pakistan?

(796,096 sq Km ✅)

What exactly is the widest application of information and communication technology?

(906 sq Km ✅)

Diamer-Bhasha Dam has arranged the flow of?

(The Indus River ✅)

How about that Dasu Dam, number 28?

(KPK ✅)

Where in the world is the Khewra Salt Mine located?

River Jhelum ✅

The Naval Force Settle: Settled and Ready?

(Islamabad ✅)

What country is the Settle of Pak Flying corps based out of?

(Islamabad ✅)

The Pak Armed Forces Have Settled Down and Are Ready to Go?

(, Rawalpindi ✅)

The Pak ISI Settle has been positioned and is ready.

(Islamabad ✅)

The Settle of Grab has been set up and is ready (34).

(Islamabad ✅)

Is the FBR Settle in its final position?

(Islamabad ✅)

The PIA Settle has been positioned and is ready.

AKA: Karachi ✅

ISSB Static General Information

The Railways in Pakistan Have Finally Reached a Peace Agreement in?

The (Lahore) ✅

Where is the “Faiz Mahal” (question 38) located?

“(Khairpur )” ✅

Where can you find the “Noor Mahal”?

(Bahawalpur ✅)

In which city is the historical site of Shahi Qila located (40.0)?

The (Lahore) ✅

The 41st question is: Who put together Shahi Qila in Lahore?

A.K.A. “Shah Jahan”✅

Exactly where in the world is the Shalimar Bagh located?

The (Lahore) ✅

Who created the Shalimar Bagh, question 43?

Shah Jahan ✅

What city is home to the Taj Mahal (question number 44)?

(In Agra, India) ✅

Who invented the “Taj Mahal”?

Shah Jahan ✅

Where might the tomb of Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan be located?

(In Agra, India ✅)

Pakistan’s first constitution was officially approved and ratified.

(23 march 1956 ✅)

The approval of Pakistan’s third constitution has been made.

14 August 1973 ✅

According to whose constitution did Islamic rule in Pakistan begin?

(1956 ✅

Which is the most significant source of authority in Pakistan?

(Warm ✅)

Which is Pakistan’s largest nuclear power plant? (52) What is the name of Pakistan’s largest nuclear power plant?

Kot Adu. ✅

What is Pakistan’s largest thermal power plant?

(Thermal Power Plant of Karachi) ✅

The largest market for Pakistani oil is in which country or region?

As a means of transportation, ✅

What Pakistani dam has the greatest potential for generating electricity?

Dam on the Tarbela River, South Africa ✅

Pakistan discovered what kind of flammable gas?

(Sui ✅)

In which part of Pakistan did petroleum gas initially become commercially available?

As in (Balochistan) ✅

When was petroleum gas first discovered in Pakistan? (Question Number 58)

(1952 ✅)

The first Pakistani dam to be built was in which country?

The (Mangla) Dam ✅

How long ago was the Mangla dam constructed?

(1967 ✅)

When was Tarbela Dam Constructed?

(1976 ✅)

ISSB Static General Information

Where can you find Pakistan’s largest dam? What is the name of Pakistan’s largest dam?

Dam on the Tarbela River, South Africa ✅

Which of these is Pakistan’s tallest dam?

The (Mangla) Dam ✅

Pakistan’s Smallest Dam is…

(The Warsak Dam) ✅

Tarbela Dam is located on which river?

(The Indus River ✅)

Where does Mangla Dam sit on the stream?

The waterway of the Jhelum ✅

The Warsak Dam is located on which river?

The Kabul River is a. ✅

It is on which river the Mirani Dam has been constructed.

(The Dasht Waterway ✅)

Which stream is Center Dam located on?

The (Central Waterway) ✅

In what city is Tarbela Dam situated?

Locale of Haripur, KPK ✅

In what city can you find Mangla Dam?

(I am in Mirpur in Azad Kashmir.) ✅

In what city can you find Warsak Dam?

KPK Peshawar ✅

Where precisely is Mirani Dam located?

Specifically, the Kech area in Balochistan. ✅

74) In what part of the world is Center Dam located?

(The Lasbela area of Balochistan) ✅

Who founded Dar-ul-Uloom Deoband?

Mohammed Qasim Nanautavi ✅

When did the plans for Dar-ul-Uloom Deoband first take shape?

(1866 ✅)

What is the location of Dar-ul-Uloom Deoband?

(India ✅)

Who first established Sindh Madrasa-Tul-Islam?

Afandi, Hassan Ali ✅

When did the first Sindh Madrasa-Tul-Islam open its doors?

(1885 ✅)

Which city is home to the Sindh Madrasa-Tul-Islam?

AKA: Karachi ✅

Where did Muhammad’s vessel Qasim arrive in Sindh (in the year 81)?

(712 (A.D) ✅)

ISSB Static General Information

Has Pakistan’s Ultimate Purpose Been Transmitted?

(12 Murch 1949 ✅)

In what context did Muhammad Ali Bogra’s recipe first make its way to the constituent assembly (line 83)?

Monday, October 7, 1953, ✅

What happened to the Constitution of 1973?

(August 14, ✅)

Who drafted Pakistan’s 1973 constitution?

To quote (Zulfikar Ali Bhutto ✅)

Who drafted Pakistan’s constitution in 1962?

(General Ayub Khan ✅)

In the presence of which Head of State did Pakistan enact its most iconic law?

(Muhammad Ali, Chaudhry ✅)

When was the last time the majority of Pakistani politicians came together to make a major political decision?

(1951 ✅)

When was the last time Pakistan held its most important national election?

(1965 ✅)

When was the last major political event in Pakistan?

(1970 ✅)

When did Pakistan hold its second nationwide election, in 2019?

(1977 ✅)

Who maintained the Shah Faisal Mosque?

Turkish fashion designer ✅

Why was Pakistan chosen as a name?

Author: (Choudhry Rahmat Ali) ✅

From which country did Pakistan acquire Gawader?

(Oman ✅)

Which year (out of the 90s) did Pakistan buy Gawader from Oman?

(1958 ✅)

If the Head of State suddenly disappeared, 96) Who Would Run the Country?

(Public Assembly with a Speaker ✅)

Who was the first and only Pakistani to climb Everest?

( Nazr Sabir) ✅

Who was the first Pakistani woman to reach the summit of Everest?

Author: (Samina Baig ✅)

Is the location of the Gomal Zam Dam ready?

(Southern Waziristan, KPK) ✅

ISSB Static General Information

Which Country Is Located East of Pakistan?

(India ✅)

Which Country Is Located West of Pakistan?

“(Afghanistan )” ✅

Which country is to Pakistan’s southwest?

(Iran ✅)

Which country is located to the northeast of Pakistan, number 103?

(China ✅)

Which country has the most extensive diplomatic ties with Pakistan?

“(Afghanistan )” ✅

Which country shares the shortest border with Pakistan?

(China ✅)

How many countries does Pakistan have diplomatic relations with?

(Four 4 ✅)

For which part of the world is Pakistan prepared?

[South Asia] ✅

What is the total number of FATA-based organizations?

In total, there are seven different groups. ✅

Which prominent Muslim figure received the Nobel Peace Prize?

(Professor Abdul Salam) ✅

In what year did Dr. Abdul Salam get the Respectable Award?

(1979 ✅)

In what area did Dr. Abdul Salam receive his Honorable Award?

The study of matter (✅)

When did the devastating earthquake hit Balochistan?

(24 Sep 2013 ✅)

Who wrote the essay “Pakistan Naguzeer that” in the Urdu book?

(, Syed Hasan Riaz) ✅

How many articles are there in Pakistan’s constitution, which was established in 1956?

(234,000 words) ✅

The number of articles in the Pakistani constitution of 1962 is 115.

(two-hundred-fifty articles ) ✅

The number of articles in Pakistan’s constitution, which was established in 1973, is 116.

The 280-article

s ✅

*General Knowledge MCQs*

It was __________ who put Samara together.

A. Muta’sam ✅

When did Al-Beruni finally pass away?

A. 1048 ✅

__________ built the Great Mosque of Damascus.

The A. Walid-Abdul Malik Receptacle ✅

To what extent does NATO consist of citizens from each country?

A. 30 ✅

Which country is home to Reuters News Organization?

A. UK ✅

Are you in the vicinity of Paristan Lake?

Skardu, A. ✅

Where is Lady Pinnacle located, exactly?

A. Azerbaijan ✅

Who is Pakistan’s tallest man?

Ms. A. Zia Rasheed ✅

What is the Maldivian currency called?

Rufiyaa, A. ✅

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