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Islamia University of Bahawalpur Jobs


IUB Islamia University of Bahawalpur Jobs has announced the availability of new Agreement/Ordinary Premises business opportunities for citizens of Pakistan. A designation has been given to this proclamation (Islamia College of Bahawalpur IUB Occupations 2022 Reported for Pakistanis).

Educators, both male and female, from all over Pakistan are welcome to apply for this round of appointments at the Islamia College in Bahawalpur.

There are both teaching and non-teaching staff members involved in the current arrangement at IUB. Teachers interested in exploring exciting opportunities in the Advanced Education Area should read this posting.

young professionals in search of guidance The Islamia College of Bahawalpur is offering a great chance for those in board, administrative, organizational, or Class IV positions to advance their careers.

Information regarding this IUB Enrollment in September 2022 can also be found on the university’s electronic gateway at https://eportal.iub.edu.pk/. You can register at the specified portal to acquire comprehensive information regarding the implementation procedure.

Design, nursing, agribusiness and climate, language and expression, substance and organic sciences, registering, training, designing and innovation, Islamic education, board sciences, and business, pharmacy, medical and allied health sciences, pharmacy, physics and mathematics, sociology, veterinary and animal sciences, law, antiquarianism, expressive arts, and structural design all need people.

There are more than 187 available positions within the Training and Development Department. The IUB Bahawalpur Grounds, Bahawalnagar Grounds, and Rahim Yar Khan Grounds are now hiring for all available Educator and Support Staff roles.

Various positions are open in the Non-Showing Staff, including those for a Chief, a Financial Officer, an Extra Chief, a Leader Designer, a Delegate Regulator of Assessment, a Representative Chief, a Senior Organization Chair, a Senior Obtainment Official, an Assistant Director, a Curator, a Research Facility Specialist, an Authoritative Official, a Partner, an Architect, a Physiotherapist, and an Associate Director.

Those with a Bachelor’s, Master’s, Doctorate, Professional Certificate, Postgraduate Certificate, Associate’s, Associate’s in Applied Science, Associate’s in Engineering, Bachelor of Technology, Certified Public Accountant, Certified Management Accountant, Master of Business Administration, Master of Science in Nursing, or Comparable Capabilities can take advantage of these career opportunities.

As part of the notification, candidates are encouraged to investigate the qualifying agreements for additional details. They need to meet the post’s requirements for education level, age range allowed, and skill sets.

Positions Openly Available:

  1. An Overview of the Principles of Air Conditioning
  2. Colleagues in Accounts
  3. Auditors and Auditoria
  4. Some More Chiefs
  5. Authority Figures in the Regulatory System
  6. Evaluation Authorities, Colleagues, and Regulators
  7. Chiefs, My Colleagues
  8. Fellow Builders
  9. Accountants in the Same Boat
  10. Administrators in the Know
  11. Collaboration Between Classroom Instructors
  12. Affiliated Investors
  13. Associates in Administration
  14. Conjoint Orators
  15. Collegiate Alliance
  16. Builders
  17. Makers of Maps
  18. Cataloguers
  19. Mentors
  20. Researchers who dig up facts
  21. Commissioned Officials in Charge of Evaluation
  22. Commanders Who Have Been Chosen for Their Positions
  23. Chiefs
  24. People who fix electrical systems
  25. Experts in Charge
  26. Teammates in the Field
  27. Game Managers
  28. Location Indicator
  29. Partners
  30. Associates in Information Technology
  31. Janitors
  32. Probationary Agents
  33. Beginner-Level Professionals
  34. Laboratory Heads
  35. Technicians in Laboratories
  36. Specialists in a Research Facility
  37. Teachers
  38. Linemen
  39. Mali
  40. Moazzan
  41. Administrative Duties
  42. Assists on an Individual Basis
  43. those who take photographs
  44. Physiotherapists
  45. Acquisition Staff
  46. Makers
  47. Teachers
  48. Officials in charge of keeping people safe
  49. Officers in Charge of Security
  50. Experts in the Field of Records
  51. Chairmen of Major Institutions
  52. Those Highly Placed in the Acquisition Process
  53. Vendors
  54. Alternative Designers
  55. Sweepers
  56. Interpreters
  57. Directors of Transportation
  58. Financiers
  59. Fellow Veterinarians
  60. Slang for males under the age of 30 in Ward

How to Apply Online, Step by Step:

  • Apply Online at IUB Occupation Entry Click Here for All Eligible Applicants.
  • The seventh of October, 2022, is the final day when requests can be submitted online.
  • The College also accepts hard copies of applications submitted online.
  • Submit a hard copy to the Delegate Enlistment center (HR-F), Office of the Delegate, IUB, Bahawalpur, Room No. 104, 1st Floor, Abbasia Grounds, for verification of open positions.
  • To apply for a Non-Showing Opening, please mail hard copies of your online application to the College of Bahawalpur’s Associate Enlistment center (HRE-I), Room No. 103 on the College’s First Floor, Abbasia Grounds.
  • On October 11th, 2022, the last day that printed copies can be accepted.
  • Validated duplicates of supporting records should be included with printed versions of usage.


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