Pak Army Initial || Physical || Medical Test Complete Information

Pak Army Initial test || Initial Physical || Medical Examination In

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Pak Army Initial || Physical || Medical Test Complete Information

  1. First, the security staff will perform a thorough search of your person and belongings for banned electronics before allowing you entry to the voting centers. At the front door, you may have to check your phone, camera, and other electronic devices.
  2. Wait outside Testing Hall once you’ve received the all-clear from safety officials. A brochure costing 300 rupees may be made available to you. The personnel will review your official transcripts and other relevant documents. The initial test run will involve the use of a stamp on the reverse side.
  3. Next, you’ll head to the Testing Room where you’ll be seated at a computer for the exam. Technicians will brief you on proper testing procedures. Your first exam will then begin.
  4. You must enter your CNIC and the Roll Number found on your Slip. A sheet of paper demonstration screen will open. Study the sample paper, then press the NEXT button.
  5. One of the first tests to appear is a verbal intelligence test. If you pass the IQ test in words, you could get to go next. If you pass the Non-Verbal Intelligence Test, you’ll go to the next round, which is a knowledge-based exam.

If you manage to slip through the cracks, your academic records may be stamped with a big fat “PASS” in the very fine print. When someone fails a test, a FAIL mark may be found at the end of their paperwork. Pak Army Initial || Physical || Medical Test Complete Information

The check’s format can be seen down below.

Verbal Mcqs


One hundred and six questions

Non-Verbal Mcqs


Sixty-four questions




General recommendations for the first diagnostic

  • Make an effort with the easy ones initially.
  • Leave any difficult questions for later.
  • The point value of each question is the same, regardless of how easy or difficult it is, so it’s best to start with the simpler questions.
  • Conquering the easy problems initially will boost your confidence.
  • Consequently, you should take it easy and not rush things.
  • Don’t squander time trying to find the answers to your inquiries if you have any doubts about them. In the digital world, time marches on irreversibly.
  • Before you begin the test, make sure you have a reliable Recitation prepared.

When it comes to the military, what exactly is the physical test like during the first round of testing?

The following sports are included in the initial level of the physical examination.

  1. 1.6 kilometers in 8 minutes of jogging
  2. Performing three sets of pull-ups in two minutes.
  3. Three sit-ups in two minutes equal twenty-two
  4. Two minutes and four push-ups equals twenty-two.
  5. 7.5 feet is the five-ditch cross.

After that, you’ll get a token and be called to the starting line for the race. Next, get into a single-file starting position for the race. The distance covered by runners in a single run is 1.6 kilometers. Runners will have eight minutes to complete their workout. To run the 1.6-kilometer distance in under 8 minutes is entirely possible.

How to Pass the Running Physical.

  • Home races are a good idea to try.
  • Maintain a regular running schedule.
  • You can build your endurance by practicing at varying speeds.

If you’re an aspiring runner, you might be wondering why so many of your fellow competitors have failed the Running test.

A jogging test is being administered. Running against the competition is a test that many hopefuls will remember from their time in high school. Some hopefuls put in too much effort and burn themselves out, which is not good for them. This is an exhausting suggestion; please exit the building.

You won’t be able to do a wide variety of physical activities if you tire out after a single session. In other words, this is just a look-see and not a contest.

1. Run the gauntlet with these helpful hints!

  1. Take some time to warm up before going for a run.
  2. Get your muscles and cardiovascular system ready for your running workout with a good warm-up.
  3. It’s not a race to the top. You need to take your time and look at the clock.
  4. Get going on a brisk walk rather than a frantic sprint. In other words, speedy running.
  5. It’s best to breathe through your nose rather than your mouth.
  6. Don’t worry about the time limit; instead, get lost in some deep thought and escape.
  7. Running side by side with everyone else at the same pace, gradually, will prevent fatigue.
  8. Quickly sprint at the eleventh hour.
  9. Gentle exercise should be done after finishing the road.

2. Perform pull-ups.

  1. Keep in mind that chin-ups and pull-ups are not the same things.
  2. Chin-ups are performed by grasping the bar with your palms facing each other.
  3. pull-ups, on the other hand, require you to hold onto the bar with your palms facing out.
  4. Pull-ups are depicted on the image’s left side.

Advice: Host some practice sessions at your house because “practice makes perfect.”

3. abdominal crunches

No longer does “sit up” refer strictly to rising from a seated position. The following image shows the completed setup. Perhaps you can straighten your feet and extend your limbs. That’s why you might hear people call it “reach-ups” now and then.

4. A set of push-ups:

5. Crossing a Ditch

Push America is followed by the Ditch Crossing.

Tricks for Jumping a Drainage Channel

  • There are a maximum of two possible scores on the exam that can be passed. The psychical test will be considered a failure after three attempts.
  • Ditch crossing is an easy task that may be performed without leaving your home.
  • To improve your Long jumping, just do it sometimes.

If this happens again, you will be marked as unsuccessful.

  • If the Running check was unsuccessful ( there might be some other risk, relying on the selection panel)
  • It’s possible that you’ll fail at push-ups, pull-ups, and other physical activities, but there’s also a chance that you’ll be given a warning and called back later.

Having a Medical Checkup and Physical for the Military

What to do before a military or PAF or Navy medical exam

Getting started in Medical Examination requires that you undertake four preliminary steps.

#1. Ear hygiene

Do not put off seeing a doctor for as long as possible if you suspect you have a medical problem; doing so could end up costing you more in the long run. If your problem is related to your eyes, seeing a doctor as soon as possible is essential, as a sudden waxing of your eyes could make you feel unworthy of treatment and send you to a military hospital for expensive eye surgery. As a result, it’s imperative that you give this matter your whole attention.

2. Dental Hygiene

Filling ke zarrorat hai karwaein, medical sa pehla dentist ka skip ja kar apna teeth waghera ka chota mota issues correct karwaein. Respectable saaf karwa kar jayan.

3. Sprucing Up Your Nose

It’s important to check the nose waghera if there’s a problem with the DNS so that you can fix it in a timely manner.

4. Thoroughly Wash the Entire Frame

It’s time for a complete physical. So, to make a good impression, maintain a high standard of personal hygiene.

All right, Jayne

We’ll be fine if you just saaf karwa Kr jayen, Gher Zaroori Baal.

Body Parts Needing Attention During a Medical Exam

  1. The Whole Person
  2. peak
  3. eyesight
  4. Ignorance of color
  5. ears
  6. nostril
  7. throat
  8. fingers and palms
  9. legs
  10. The circumference of your chest
  11. weight
  12. personal body parts
  13. Skin

For any health-related questions or concerns, please contact CMH.

Specifically, we’ll be doing Exercise

A: Knock Knees.

B: Tote Angle.


D: Varicose Veins

E: Sense of Sight

F: Issues with Pronation and Supination

G: Dental Problems

H: Ear Wax

If any of the aforementioned conditions apply to you, you will be ordered to report to a military sanatorium. Wherever is most convenient for you. You can get checked out by a professional physician with the help of a referral from the civilian community at a military medical facility. We’ll have the doctor proclaim you healthy or sick.

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