Remote Cell Spy App Reviews

Cell spy is a spyware app used mainly for android and iPhone monitoring. The installation requires physical access to the target device. Remote cell spy is different than malware. No one can install them remotely without the consent of the target or the involved parties. For starters, once the app is installed there is no second time for physical access. All monitoring can be handled remotely without any issues.

There are many types of spy apps. They all have different pros and cons. It all depends on the user and the demand regarding the features of the app. Here are some remote cell spy reviews regarding some popular spy apps.

Remote Cell Spy:


The priority with the best reviews is OgyMogy. The app offers Android, iPhone, Mac, and Windows versions for monitoring. The app requires physical access to the target device. Moreover, the target device should not be password encrypted at the time of installation. The app offers customer support and a refund policy for the user along with dozens of interesting features.

The major one is that one can even use a single license for multiple operating systems or devices. It can make things so much more convenient for users who need spy apps for multiple devices. For example, keeping an eye on all the kid’s devices. Or to keep a check on the employee’s laptop, desktop, or Android devices.

Keep in mind that it is important to only use the company-owned device for employee monitoring. The app though does not offer a free trial but three types of bundles offers make it a worthy choice for all types of users.

Monthly, seasonal and yearly bundles for all types of versions make it easy for the user to enjoy the spy app feature for a month or even a whole year. The best thing is that you are not required to switch to different apps to monitor iPhone or Android devices.


For Android and iPhone users, another excellent option concerning spy app monitoring is TheOneSpy app. It offers both parental control and employee monitoring features and can be used for another versatile purpose. Written consent is necessary for third party monitoring. You may read a complete The One Spy Review before selecting the app.


mSpy is one of the best apps that have a solid reputation among spy app users. No rooting is required for using this app so if you prefer such types you can choose this one right away. The installation and setup are very easy so anyone with basic smart gadget handling skills can use this app easily.

The only major con of using this app is that it can get costly when one needs to monitor more than one device. Another issue for people who are looking for screen time management is that this facility is not available in this app. If you need this service you might have to look for any other app.


One of the best parental control features is offered by the app. Parents can use it to monitor their kids through their phone devices. Get alerts about personal phone conversations, emails, texts, and even social media platform activities.

Even the deleted conversation can be recovered by using the app. But the app has some cons as well. People who want an app for a long time like a whole year should choose this app. As the package is economical for annual subscription plans. Monthly bundle subscriptions can get costly with this app. Jailbreaking is also required for availing of all the features.


One of the best apps that offers employee monitoring and parental control feature is uMobix. Keystroke logging or keylogger is one of the best and most demanding features of the spy app. It reports all the keypad-related activities.

One can even monitor social media activities and instant messenger chat apps as well remotely with just a few clicks. The drawback of using this app is that it consumes way too much battery for the target gadget. This is a major obstacle as it is not practical to use the app for a long time with such features. However, two-way authentication is a time-consuming process.

So choose the app of your choice today and enjoy the exciting features.

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